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Who is Noel Watkins And What is This Fund For

Noel Watkins is an Irish man living in the Cayman Islands for the last 12 years with his wife, Christine and their two children, Johnny (8) and Ava (6). He is young (aged 42), fit and up until a few months ago, incredibly healthy.

Noel is a tennis coach and after he finished giving lessons on Monday 1st June, his doctor sent him for tests having received troubling blood test results. At the hospital, scans revealed a large tumor which was almost entirely encasing the right side of his heart and blocking most of the blood flow through the heart chambers. Specialists in the local hospital performed emergency surgery on Noel that night, removing most of the tumor and replacing one of the valves in his heart.

Biopsy results following the surgery revealed the condition to be a rare and aggressive form of cancer – a cardiac synovial sarcoma.


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Your donation will help cover the cost of consultations, treatments, and medication not covered by insurance, as well as accommodation and other travel and living costs and expenses while Noel, Christine and the children are in the US, and the costs of continuing to maintain the family’s schooling and residency connections to their family home.

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